Our Journey

MobeeWash is changing the way you think about cleaning your car, van, 4×4…or anything on two, four or more wheels! An online platform which is available on the Apple and Android platforms, MobeeWash connects you with a network of passionate, qualified vehicle detailing specialists.

The ‘brainchild” of our founder Sean O’Connell, entrepreneur, techie and self-confessed petrol-head, MobeeWash was born out of a desire to offer a convenient, professional and classy vehicle clean!

But more than that, Sean saw an opportunity to create a mechanism that would offer opportunities to budding entrepreneurs and the ranks of unemployed across South Africa.

Easy to use and secure, MobeeWash lets you book your detailing service and pay online…and then rate our service once we are done! Plus, we are hooked into all the major social platforms so that you can keep tabs on what we are doing!

MobeeWash is a company in the Bumblebee Group, a Level 1 BEE technology solutions provider based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Our Team


Sean O’Connell


Entrepreneur, accomplished keyboard player and vocalist, bandleader, biker, lover of fast cars and a committed family man, Sean has established and sold businesses and now dedicates some of his time to guiding other business owners in reaching greater heights. Sean is a visionary and always challenges conventional thinking…a trait which has ultimately led to the Mobee platform seeing the light of day.


Toni O’Connell


Acknowledged as the “brains” of our team, Toni is the one that brings us down to earth with a bump, tempering our enthusiasm with cold, calculated and practical thinking. A highly qualified academic, Toni has led the marketing effort of a major radio station in South Africa and made a significant impact in a short space of time through the effective introduction of new age marketing techniques and the use of social media platforms. Toni is the Mobee team product owner and makes sure that all roads do in fact “lead to Rome”!


Hilary Evans


Hilary is our Aussie business partner. South African born and educated, Hilary found himself doing lighting engineering for one of SA’s favourite musical sons Johnny Clegg, travelled to Australia, loved it and stayed! Hilary is the human race’s answer to the Duracell bunny. Tireless, energetic and a self-made man who has had a highly successful business career Down-Under. When he isn’t washing cars and testing new products for MobeeWash, Hilary tackles rallying with equal gusto and is currently rebuilding the iconic Audi Quattro!


John Pratt

Executive Director: South Africa

No team is complete without its own “Gandalf” and this is the role that John plays…not necessarily in imparting wisdom, but definitely by increasing the teams’ average age. Accountant, restauranteur and sales specialist, John is charged with growing our business and partner base and engaging with you, to make sure that we are on the right path in delivering the best possible experience to our user-base.